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Chris DiPastina


Profile PicSchool: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Degree: BS in Game Design and Simulation Arts and Sciences / Computer Science

Skills: Game Design, Programming, Sound, Writing








I have always believed strongly in following my passions, so when I graduated high school I decided to find a place where I could immerse myself in game design and development, surrounded by like-minded people. I was not disappointed. I spent my years at RPI living on the edge, working with tech other groups were intimidated by and trying ideas other groups were scared to consider. The RPI GSAS program gave me the unique opportunity to get my hands on nearly every aspect of design and development, from working on graphics rendering, to level building, and even asset creation. There was never a moment where I wasn't giving more than I had ever thought I could.

A lot of people I knew in GSAS were taking Computer Science concentrations, but this only required some basic programming classes and I wanted to be able to build the systems I imagine. The computer science dual major has all the same requirements as a full computer science degree with the exception of a few general electives. Since the two majors can not be completed simultaneously within four years without decreasing the requirement of general electives, the only way to have both is through a dual major. Balancing the computer science course load with the project heavy GSAS requirements was an extreme challenge, but taught me a lot about time management and self motivation.

Games have been my passion my entire life, in all their forms and varieties. I am always looking for something new and always hungering for the next innovation. Each game offers new experiences whether it is a narrative that immerses you fully, or a maze of interacting rules and systems that make for intense and meaningful play. We are in the golden age of our medium and there is so much to be done.