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Rail Brawler

Manny/ Level In ProgressDate: September 2010 - May 2011

Engine: Unreal Development Kit

Project Status: Complete

One of ten RPI games chosen to compete against other schools in RPI's Gamefest, May 2011




Contributors: Michael Andryauskas, Paul DiPastina, Christopher DiPastina, William Lassen, Nicholas Coppola

Gameplay Video (Complete with Picture-In-Picture footage of "Big Mike" Andryauskas in the Manny costume he wore to Gamefest as he plays the game!)

The old LED tracking system in action! (Will Lassen modeling)


Rail Brawler was part of a Research Project at RPI. As far as we know it was the only time a group of undergraduate students has been given permission to substitute a traditional research project with their own creative endeavor. Working with many members of the same group that created Factory of Steam, we delved into the Unreal Engine once more to create a game that used LED armbands, wiimotes and a web camera to track the user's pose and incorporate it into game play. Our goal was to experiment with movement as a gameplay mechanic and demonstrate how posing can have a positive psychological effect on the player that helps immerse them in game play and build a positive self-image. In a subsequent semester we adapted the tracking system to use the Kinect sensor instead. The player takes on the role of Manny the Miner, who moves down a set of rails in his mine cart, fighting off mechanical enemies. They can pose to activate special abilities that grant tactical advantage vs. different foes and hazards. The level is circular and increases its difficulty and speed with each loop. Enemies and Health Carts are spawned randomly.