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Manny/ Level In ProgressDate: February 2011

Engine: Unity

Project Status: Complete

One of ten RPI games chosen to compete against other schools in RPI's Gamefest, May 2011 alongside Rail Brawler

Web: Feast home page




Contributors: Yuting Lian, Christopher DiPastina, Paul Dipastina, Nicholas Coppola

Gameplay Video (Complete with Music)

Feast is an augmented-reality predator/prey game where the player takes the role of the Dragon anti-virus program as it hunts bugs in a computer system. Each of the "bugs" have special abilities that emulate the behavior of computer viruses (digging in, spreading chaos or attacking when you get too close). Avoid triggering their defenses and keep eating or you will face deletion as well! This game was made for Android phones using the latest Snapdragon processors and is scheduled for release on the Android Marketplace Soon!