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Factory of Steam

Mafred himselfDate: February 2010

Engine: Unreal Development Kit

Project Status: Complete

Honors: Factory of Steam won third prize at RPI's GameFest in Spring 2010.

Download Beta

Download Instruction Manual


Contributors: Michael Andryauskas, Nicholas Coppola, Christopher DiPastina, Paul DiPastina, William Lassen, Yuting Lian

Updated gameplay video with new Art and Sound

Pre-Alpha video (Environments, some early gameplay)


Factory of Steam was a project completed in a single semester for Game Development II at RPI. Everyone on the team sank countless hours of their personal time into the creation of this game, above and beyond what was required for the course. At GameFest It competed against 17 other games made by student teams from two separate classes: Game Development II and Experimental Game Design. It was the highest placing title to come out of Game Development II and our team's first experience using the Unreal Engine. Bots move under the glass floor. The player places arrows in their path to direct them to their team's boiler and increase their score. They can also shoot at enemy players to stop them from placing arrows. Each player can place up to three arrows on the map at the time (upon placing more than three the oldest is deleted).